Off-the-shelf (not-quite)

One of the best ways to get to know us and how we work is to book a workshop on one of our favourite topics. The three options below give you a flavour of what we offer.  Get in touch if you had something else in mind

Developing a feedback culture

What’s the purpose of feedback? How do we give it well and receive it well?  How do we go beyond the “feedback sandwich” to something more engaging and useful? As managers and leaders, how do we role-model and embed a culture of constructive feedback?

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Developing a coaching style of management

What’s the purpose of management? And how can a coaching approach help you achieve it?  How do we develop the essential skills of questioning and listening and how do they fit with the need to hold our teams to account? When is it right to coach and when to take a more directive approach?  How can we get team members to coach each other?

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Communication – from meetings to email
Communication is one of those buzz words that always comes up in surveys about essential management and leadership skills – its become a cliche!

So we decided offer our own take on some of the key tools for effective communicaton: Meetings  and email.  This is practical workshop. You might end up doing the  unthinkable – cutting down some meetings and sending fewer and better emails.

All our workshops include elements of discussion, activity and input.  We try to avoid powerpoint poisoning. We call the work-shops because they invove everyone putting in some work and buying-in to the process of learning.
All our workshops provide practical, applicable learning.  We encourage participants to make committments to take action or make changes soon after the event – and to agree with colleagues to hold them accountable.
We always take into account the specific context you are working in and how it fits with other development or CPD opportunities?  We have a big menu of programme elements & we prefer to offer a la carte rather than “all you can eat”!