Coming soon! A new approach to email that will help you and your colleagues to send fewer and send better emails. We are working away to develop our online learing programme, designed to help you develop healthier emailing habits and change the email culture in your team or network. 

Register your interest and we will let you know when we are ready to launch.

Sender Sense Email is based on two key concepts:  The idea of healthy email culture – the combined experience of hunders of email interactions within an organisation and beyond; and the idea of the sender’s responsibility for what they send.

We’re very excited to be launching a service which will truly change the way you and your colleagues use email.  Our training will help you consider alternatives to email and – if you really have to – to send emails that will be way easier for your colleagues to deal with; and some electronic tools to help you embed some new habits.  It really could be life-changing!

If your team’s email culture is all about playing catch-up with an always-full inbox;  If it’s the norm where you work, to be sending and receiving emails at all times of day and night – not to mention the weekend; If ‘reply-all’ is a default response to too many emails in your organisation; then please get in touch.  It doesn’t have to be this way!