Feedback is like oxygen for growth and development. It enables us to learn and change, to explore, to prioritise, to decide. Giving and receiving feedback is a part of organisational culture that is often taken for granted or treated superficially and inconsistently. We would like to change that.

360º feedback is relatively simple tool for collecting feedback from a range of colleagues and other interested parties. It provides a snapshot – or a panorama – of perceptions about performance. On its own, using a standard question set, it’s a useful tool, but there is much more potential.  We add value in three ways:  We work with our clients to design bespoke question sets that relate to the management and leadership needs of the organsation; the plans, priorities and values and your desired performance indicators.  We provide flexibility in how surveys are administered.  We can do it all for you (in a GDPR compliant way), you can do it or we can share the load.  We can collect anonymous feedback or attributed feedback – depending on the culture you are trying to shape. And then, when our creative and accessible reports are ready, we can work with you and those who are receiving the feedback, to process the data and get the best possible learning from it.

360º Feedback surveys are powerful for periodic review, but we also want to encourage ongoing, developmental, honest and robust feedback as a day-to-day reality. That’s why we also run workshops (face-to-face or online) to introduce the process, the principles and the benefits of feedback in general and 360s in particular.

Our ongoing big debate is about the value of attributed feedback over anonymous feedback.  If you want a culture where everyone takes responsibility for what they do and say and write; if you want to encourage more “adult to adult” conversations (rather than “parent to child” or vice versa), then maybe attributed feedback is right for you.  If you are wanting to promote opportunities for more free expression, then maybe anonymous feedback will work better.

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We are always keen to understand why you want to run 360º Feedback surveys.  Some organisations use it as an integral part of their Leadership Development programmes; others include it annual reviews or for performance management; and others use in preparation for promotion and selection to new roles.  So let us know what you have in mind.