Coaching and facilitation are about providing processes for those who need to reflect on the past, present or future. They give structure and shape to the conversations that need to take place

We have clocked-up hundereds of hours coaching senior people in a range of work settings; through periods of change and uncertainty, embedded in leadership develoment programmes, during projects and at the start of new responsibilities.  With coaching, we can help you to make sense of what’s happening, solve problems and make decisions

We’ve also delivered the equivalent of months of aways days, planning workshops and facilitated problem-solving sessions. The Latin root of the word ‘faciliation’ suggests making things easy, this doesn’t mean that these conversations will be any less challenging; our aim however is to make sure they result in motivation, innovation and genuine progress. We can facilitate whole events or parts of your regular meetings

The evidence of successful coaching and facilitation is in the genuine engagement of participants, raised awareness of context and options, changed perceptions and clear commitment to action
The “purpose ladder” above is just one of many tools we use to help structure conversations – and like most of them it’s pretty simple.  It works for individuals, teams and whole organisations.  Get in touch and we’ll talk you through it.